As you can see from my last post, I'm clearly going through my yellow phase and loving it.

This one I finished just last Friday; it's 48"x48" oil on canvas.  I started sketching it the Monday before and finally started the painting on Tuesday.  For the next three days I put in very long hours.  Painting takes stamina when working on a large canvas.

The city is loosely based on the skyline of Miami.  I say "loosely" because I never feel compelled to render all the buildings or place them where they actually appear.  It's that artistic license thing. 

The composition is based on a crucifix with the front boat being the vertical of the cross and the city the horizontal.  It's pretty standard as paintings go and I also used it in the painting before this (see last blog post).  The red appears at the intersection of the cross and serves the focal point.

The yellow is a mixture of hansa orange, cadmium yellow orange, cadmium yellow medium, raw umber, and varying degrees of green gold.  I wanted it warm on the top of the painting and warm in the front center and then cooler on the sides and as you approach the skyline.  In the actual painting it's a bit more obvious than in this photo.

This one is yet to be named and is hanging on the wall of my condo drying.  It will first be shown at Williams McCall Gallery in South Beach on February 10.

This is my latest painting - just finished last Friday.  It is 36"x12" and doesn't have a title yet. I used a color palette that is quite different for me. I've painted alot of blue water in recent weeks so I needed to break out, and I think I did.  It was challenging.

Although the boat is in the foreground and seems to be the focal point, I actually wanted the city to be which is the reason for the red.  I like the abstract quality of the cityscape.  As always, it was all done with a palette knife.

I may do a series with the same composition and different color schemes.  That may be the plan and I never quite know until I start.  As I always say, "No start, No art", so I'd better get on it.

We had a great opening in Coconut Grove this past weekend.  I've never shown in south Florida and all was perfect.  I'll post some photos of it soon.

January is paint, paint, paint for me again in anticipation of the opening of the Williams McCall gallery in South Beach.  Details to follow.

I'm now also represented by Studio E Gallery in Palm Beach Gardens.

South Florida has been good to me this so far this year.  Alot of changes and alot staying the same - I like that.

You can go to http://coconutgrovegrapevine.blogspot.com/ to see a review of the Coconut Grove opening.