I've attached a slideshow of my most recent painting.  It's 6"x36" oil on canvas.  I had a little trouble deciding on the background color and I think the dark works.  It's a mixture of prussian blue, ultramarine, a touch of alizarin and an even smaller touch of cerulean blue.  I tried a lighter background and it took away from the bottle.  This was one of those paintings where it was mostly finished in a couple of days.  It took an additional 4-5 days of staring at it and messing with until I was happy.  This painting is sold.
Great success with the car show!!  It is still hanging in the gallery until September 22.  After that, those paintings which are still available will be on the website.

With the show last weekend and my need to catch up on that ever-growing pile of paperwork, I haven't managed to paint in 5 days.  That is my limit.  I find that if I let too much time go by without painting it is difficult to pick up the knife.  It think it's fear that sets in; that horrible thought that I may not be able to do it or I may not create anything worthwhile.  After 5 days, that feeling become paralyzing.  Time to pick up the knife today!!

Thanks to all those who support me by encouraging me in
Here are some photos I clicked of "Caddy" while I was
painting her. 

Have spent weeks now preparing for my first car show.  I haven't painted cars in years and the last time I did it was with a brush.  Painting them with a palette knife was a challenge.  Palette knives are not made to create small curved shapes, at least not the knives I use.

My first palette knife car was "Cruizin'", a 9x12 of the back of a convertible which I painted about 2 weeks ago.  I knew immediately that I was in for some frustrating times.  I persevered and created a painting I absolutely love.

My most recent (finished today, I think) is "Caddy" a 24x30" 1949 cadillac modeled after the one that sits in front of the Black Pearl Inn here in Provincetown.  This one took several days.  There again were many frustrating moments.  I was proud to sign my name to her today.

I have included in the show a few paintings of cars I did with a brush back in 2006 and a giclee print of a popular painting named "Vroom"  the original of which I've kept for my personal collection.

I will spend the evening tomorrow rehanging the gallery and the show will have its official opening Friday from 7-10pm.  Stop by