This is my studio this morning.  I have several canvases ready to paint and am trying to decide where to start.
I will probably stare at this a bit longer and then decide that the only way to proceed is just to jump in with both feet and high anticipation.

That excitement created by beginning a new painting is what pulls me through the inevitable frustration that comes later. 

Sometimes the frustration is simple to alleviate -if I don't like one color then I change it even if that means scraping off a bunch of paint and making a mess of my surroundings.

The more serious frustration is caused when I don't like the composition, and the painting then is a complete do over.  That is why I am so very careful in the beginning to make sure that the composition is sound before I proceed with applying layer upon layer of paint and time.

Well, I guess no one is going to do this except me - I will report back.

It's been over a month since I've posted on this blog, and what a month it's been!  A vacation to Brussels and Paris (wonderful), the seasonal move to Fort Lauderdale (ahhhh), and now trying to get my head back into painting (effort).

The space where I paint has changed - I don't have my gallery to paint in for the winter and am trying to acclimate to painting in a corner of my small condo living room.  I painted here last year and know I will become accustomed to the tight workspace - paint on the floor and walls and all over me and the dog. 

I have a big season quickly approaching and need to paint, paint, paint.  The Williams McCall Gallery in South Beach Miami will be representing me this year and I'm excited about the possibilities.  The gallery will be opening late January/ early February and will represent several Provincetown artists whose work I greatly admire.  I will post the season schedule when it becomes available.

I will post soon the first in a series of red wine paintings... she is almost finished.