A friend is learning to paint and I've been encouraging her to paint more loosely.  She wants to make sure all of the curves are just perfect and that the apple looks totally like an apple.  I say, "No, just suggest an apple;  let the viewer fill it in.  There's enough there to know it's an apple." 

She finally said to me the other day, "I'm not at the same place as you and maybe I need to know I can make it look exactly like an apple,"  and then I remembered.  I remembered when I first started painting.  Having no background in painting or drawing, I painstakingly drew and redrew, connected all the lines, and made sure my angles were spot on.  I was not
pleased with the results most of the time and yet I knew that I needed to go through this stage before I could get to the next.

Here is what I know is true for me:  I had to believe I could do it perfectly before I could accept that "perfect" was not really my goal.  I had to know I could paint that headlight perfectly in a technical sense before I would trust myself to paint it the way I really saw it. 

Sometimes you really do have to go through steps one and two to get to three; and sometimes you don't



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