This is my studio this morning.  I have several canvases ready to paint and am trying to decide where to start.
I will probably stare at this a bit longer and then decide that the only way to proceed is just to jump in with both feet and high anticipation.

That excitement created by beginning a new painting is what pulls me through the inevitable frustration that comes later. 

Sometimes the frustration is simple to alleviate -if I don't like one color then I change it even if that means scraping off a bunch of paint and making a mess of my surroundings.

The more serious frustration is caused when I don't like the composition, and the painting then is a complete do over.  That is why I am so very careful in the beginning to make sure that the composition is sound before I proceed with applying layer upon layer of paint and time.

Well, I guess no one is going to do this except me - I will report back.



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